The collection "laziness and loneliness" circulates around the common ideas of teenage idleness and its symbiosis with loneliness. Common denominators in the clothes are, inter alia, that you need help to get into all the pieces - thus reminding oneself of how lonely one really is.


The presentation took place in a public space to diminish exclusivity - and the basic theme of the event was "fredagsmys" - a modern Swedish tradition that directly translates to "comfy-Friday". This theme helped direct the blasé, humorous feeling of the whole presentation.


Thank you to Fanny Waller who helped me curate the show!


thank you to:

Nisch Managament

Fanny Waller

Frida Vega





Magda @ Nisch Management

Minou @ Nisch Management

Caroline @ Nisch Management

Sackarias Stenius

Nim Sundström

Florence Flensburg

Maja Ahnborg